Braidey LeNae Soliz Baker Revived Through Grace

Revive: verb "to live," "cause to live," "means of life" "to live again"

This world can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and beaten down. Maybe you're exhausted as a parent, disappointed in your marriage, shackled by your finances, worried for your health, or crippled by hopelessness. 

Do you want to live a life that is more than just merely surviving?

You can.

Jesus offers you a life of freedom, fullness, truth, peace, hope; in short, Jesus offers revival. 

And this is a gift; you can't earn it. God offers you continual never-ending grace

Grace: noun "God's free and unmerited favor, forgiveness, repentance, regeneration, and salvation."

I've been there, lost, defeated, empty. But, I have been revived through grace, and so can you. 

Are you ready to experience revival through grace? 

Revived Through Grace offers encouragement through blog posts and other free resources which share with you how Jesus can revive your marriage, family, finances, and health. 

I spent years oppressed by disordered eating. It affected every area of my life. Because I didn't know Jesus, I looked at the things of this world to find my worth, and that left me feeling worthless. Then everything changed, hallelujah! 

I was

But God

Through grace. 

Jesus revived my life. I have been transformed and am passionate about using my spiritual gift of exhortation to stir into flame a passion for Christ within you. I want you to live in the fullness of Christ. 

God's grace and mercy are renewed daily. Every day offers opportunities for Jesus to revive your faith, marriage, family, finances, and health.

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